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Lindy's New Single

Lindy’s new single, No Place Left To Land, was written for the Margaret Atwood documentary, “A Word After A Word After A Word is Power.” It’s a fantastic doc about her life, art, and her beautiful love with her late husband.   

Please check out Lindy’s upcoming performance at @TheIronwood in Calgary, as part of Calgary Folk Festival’s winter event, BLOCK HEATER.

Thanks very much Jeff Mahoney for this story!

Stereo Embers interviews Lindy
This is a song that was inspired by the US election and the prevailing global political landscape. Darkness is the Day was written the morning after the election results came in and it echoes the feelings of many who were shocked by them. This song was released on Inauguration Day and we should all be wide awake now to what lies ahead. Produced by Aimee Bessada, Rebecca Everett and Todor Kobakov in cooperation with the Slaight Music Residency at the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto.

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