State of the Heart reflects not only Lindy's personal evolution toward a new love and revolution as a dedicated songwriter, but also his fledgling partnership with Michel, who breathes new life into Lindy’s style by imbuing his signature folk sound with a modern feel. The opening moments on the title track “State of the Heart” carry the audience in this new direction, as he sings: “This was meant to be a protest song, but the politics were wrong / Not a time to be sublime / let’s leave the politics behind.” 

State of the Heart displays the synergy between the sound and vision of a meticulous perfectionist working out of a rural Southern Ontario studio and the soul of a self-described “joyologist and freedom nerd” who recently moved to Hamilton, Ontario. The resulting energy enlivens the beautifully crafted tunes. 

Compelled to write the world a song, Lindy’s “Look Me In the Eye” pays homage to environmental activist Greta Thunberg, while "No Place Left to Land" soundtracks the 2019 documentary Margaret Atwood: A Word after a Word after a Word is Power, which was featured at Toronto’s prestigious Hot Docs showcase. Passionate about human rights and community action, Lindy also organized “HAMILTON LOVES YOU: Show of Support for Human Rights Activist Kidus Mehalu and Family” in February of this year. 

Lindy’s music has been leaving a lasting impression on audiences since he released his debut studio album in 1995. Listeners have fallen in love with his mile-wide smile and magnificent talent at house parties, bars, embassies, theatre halls (supporting the Canadian duo Whitehorse), and large festivals, including Montreal’s Osheaga (with Ian LeFeuvre and Todor Kobakov as the electronic pop group Major Maker), Reykjavik Folk Festival, and Hillside Festival. On his 2019 album You Will Know When It’s Right, Lindy collaborated with the legendary Icelandic band Nydonsk, whose music inspired him during his upbringing in a musical Icelandic family.

Biography: Artist 


Born into the Icelandic community in Manitoba, Canada, Lindy Vopnfjörd started his music career early. Singing traditional Icelandic songs with his family, both the cultural heritage and musician parents shaped this intuitive artist. By age four, Lindy was already pronouncing his “stand and care for the world” bent as an Icelandic-Canadian folk artist by singing cautionary songs against nuclear war. Traveling around by bus with his mom and dad and extended family, he developed an appreciation for performing as a form of sharing. Touring comes naturally to Lindy, and to see him live is to witness years of experience in honest delivery and authentic exchange with a dedication as real to a room of three as when he’s performing stadium-full. Lindy has performed sseven albums’ worth of originals that have mesmerized, delighted and moved audiences at house parties and bars to embassies, theatre halls with Canada’s Whitehorse, and large festivals, such as Montreal’s Osheaga, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Reykjavik Folk Festival, and Hillside Festival. 

Biography: Discography 

From his West-Coast Victoria-based band Northern Junk to Toronto’s explosive indie rock group, Major Maker that boasts a fervor comparable to The Killers or Hard-Fi, Lindy’s talents have spanned many musical outfits. His earlier albums, “The Humourous Years,” and “Suspension of Disbelief” that he toured extensively through the UK, to his “Young Waverer,” mark him consistently as a Canadian “noteworthy.” The caliber of songwriting and musical arrangement  has garnered heaps of critical accolades, including a string of popular singles, such as the memorable “Lover/Sister” (via ExclaimTV) on CBC Radio. Over the years, the bands he leads and the collections he creates continue to attract for him both critical and commercial success.