Exclaim! Magazine Album Review - 9/10!!!

By Emily Zimmerman 
Published Oct 28, 2016


For his fourth album, Manitoba-born singer/songwriter Lindy Vopnfjörd has recorded a stripped down, but catchy and lyrically complex song cycle. The tracks on Frozen in Time aren't songs of love at first sight, or rebellious anthems — they're about the middle of relationships and the reality of politics, the conflict and comfort and negotiations that come with trying to make something last. 
The simple acoustics of the production and arrangements keep the album cohesive, though each song stands on its own. The wistful, bluesy folk of "Standing at My Door" turns mournful in the 6/8 time of "Melting," and though a janglier, more upbeat arrangement could make hooky songs like "Another Round" or "Closer than You Know" into power-pop hits, it's best to leave that to the inevitable covers. Here, they work perfectly well as they are. 
There's something wintery about the whole album, and whether that means a chilling wind or a comforting blanket depends on so many factors. Frozen in Time reminds us that you can't get properly safe and cozy without awareness and experience of the storm outside. (Independent)