From the recording State of the Heart

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I’m just a little ways out of town
Standing on an ocean of solid ground
If you get the notion I’ll be around

Cardinals and Blue jays return every spring
And I’m longing for the songs they sing
Won’t you come and see me sometime

We can man the sails together
Through the storms and the fairer weather
Don’t need anchor or things that weigh us down

We know how quickly the wind can change
Even a whisper can turn a page
Sail straight into the waves until it’s calm

I want to sing you a lovers song
I want to sing you a perfect rhyme
Won’t you come and see me sometime

Like a flare shot from a gun
Like a lighthouse, like a distant sun
A beacon in the night when we get lost

Time is how we get to where you are
We’ll turn the wheel towards a brighter star
Risks like these often come with a heavy cost

I wish that I knew you years ago
Some wishes take longer, how can we know
I am so grateful for all that I’ve learned so far

I’ll keep a beautiful place for you in my heart
And I’ll hold you close when it gets dark I’ll send you my love wherever you are